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Staple Tee Shirt

Staple Tee Shirt

Staple Tee Shirt

AS Colour Staple

This AS Colour combed cotton crew neck T Shirt is the shirt of choice for David Charles Embroidery & Screen Print, pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage this shirt feels like brand new every time you pull it back out of your wardrobe, a great regular fit and a feel of real quality. Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems.

100% Combed Cotton

180 GSM

S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

This Tee is perfect for Screen printing designs placed on the chest, or if you would like a small logo on the left breast, we can Embroider, Screen or Vinyl Print those, The best method for big rear designs is screen printing, whatever you go for, these tees will look great with your branding on them, click on GET A QUOTE now and we can get started.


100% Combed Cotton

180 GSM

S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

Staple Tee Shirt 1

Understanding the screen printing process

  • To be able to print your design onto the garments, we need to have your artwork in a print ready file that we can work with, these are the following,
  • .ai and .eps files, please make sure all fonts and outlines are saved as curves. Please ensure any embedded images are supplied.
  • adobe .pdf should be saved in CMYK colour format, high resolution files with all fonts converted to outlines / curves. Artwork can be supplied at full size.
  • .cdr files, please make sure that all fonts are converted to curves and any outlines are set to scale with image.
  • If you do not have your artwork in a print ready format there may be an artwork charge of £30 applied.
  • Once the artwork is print ready and separated into each individual colour, we then print a transparent acetate film for each colour.
  • We then take 1 mesh covered aluminium screen per colour required and coat them in a light sensitive emulsion and left to dry.
  • We then place one screen at a time with the printed acetate film attached onto a vacuum sealed exposure unit, the emulsion is then burned onto the screen, the acetate film with the design printed on is stopping the light reaching the design part of the screen, the rest of the emulsion is being hardened by the light.
  • Once the screen has been exposed, we then remove the acetate film and wash out the unexposed part of the screen using a jet wash and washout booth, this reveals the design required for this screen.
  • The screen is then dried in a drying cabinet, once dried we check for imperfections – so long as all is good the screen is ready to go to press.
STEP 3 : press preparation.
  • We then install the screen onto our printing press, if there is more than 1 colour in the design, we need to register each different screen in the correct location to ensure that the design lines up correctly once printed.
  • Once the screens are registered we then tape up the corners and check once again for imperfections in the screen.
  • We then put ink into the screen and do a test print, we use a squeegee to push the ink through the design in the screen onto the garment underneath ensuring that the design looks good and is lined up perfectly.
  • The garment is then pulled off the press and placed on a moving belt that carries the garment through a dryer, the ink has to be dried at temperatures around 160 degrees, this cures the ink onto the garment.
  • Once we are happy with the process and the result of the test print, we then go into production.
  • Print Print Print Repeat
  • After the garments are printed we then need to remove any excess ink from the screen, remove the tape and give the screen a detailed wash using various chemicals, the design will stay in the screen and we store it ready for when you place another order.

What is a digitized embroidery logo

Digitized files are typically not something you would have. An exception would be if you had one made before, and the company that made it sent you the file. Digitized files are not something that would be included when having a graphic design company make a logo or design for you. They are completely different than vector art files. Digitized files are only for use with commercial embroidery machines.

If you don’t have the proper software (which you generally won’t), you couldn’t even open the file to look at it. In most cases, if you do have a digitized file, you’d also have a “run sheet” to go with it. This is typically a PDF file. It shows the embroidery machine operator the thread colours and sequences of the embroidered design.

Staple Tee Shirt 2
Staple Tee Shirt 3
Staple Tee Shirt 4


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